Month of Moderns 現代樂之月

by Michael Caruso   Donald Nally and The Crossing performed the second of three concerts in their “Month of Moderns” series Saturday evening, June 24, in the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill. Heard by an enthusiastic audience that nearly filled the church, the concert‘s program lived up to its name. Two of the three works were world premieres while the third was an American premiere. … Continue reading Month of Moderns 現代樂之月

A Nighttime Pilgrimage 天神取火神秘遊

Text and Image by Na’U 圖/文   在一片黑暗中,人手一把乾竹,在耆老和被推選的「臨時頭目」帶領下,沿著山路小徑摸黑往「水火同源」聖地取火。「水火同源」位在茶山部落3公里外的屯阿巴娜步道上,不分晝夜始終燃燒著。老村長李玉燕說,從她兒時起,這火未曾熄滅,只在八八風災後,一度淹沒水中。 In darkness we followed the village elders, led by an impromptu chieftain. Each with a bundle of bamboo cuttings, we gingerly made our way along a narrow mountain path toward a “water-and-fire spring” to fetch fire. This sacred fount is on the Tun’abana Trail about 3 kilometers from the Cha-Shan tribal village. There a fire burns continuously … Continue reading A Nighttime Pilgrimage 天神取火神秘遊

Viva Tchaikovsky! 柴可夫斯基萬歲!

by Michael Caruso   On first glance, the Pennsylvania Ballet’s 2017-18 season looks as though the local troupe is offering performances of three ballets to music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The company opens October 12 in the Academy of Music with “The Sleeping Beauty,” then performs “The Nutcracker” at Christmastime, and presents “Swan Lake” in March. They form the “Big Three” of romantic ballet masterpieces. … Continue reading Viva Tchaikovsky! 柴可夫斯基萬歲!

Spring Approaches, Quince Flowers 海棠迎春

Text and Image by Fennah Guan 周芬娜 圖/文   加州春早,我所栽植的”貼梗海棠” (common flowering quince)灌木,總在舊曆年前開花,先花後葉,非常嬌媚。粉紅或艷紅或雪白的花朵,密密麻麻貼簇生在每條花枝上,雅麗多姿,喜氣洋洋。 California spring comes early. The quince shrubs in my garden usually bloom right before the lunar New Year. First flowers, then leaves, they are a gorgeous sight. The blossoms, pert and graceful, hug each of the flowering branches in dense clusters of vivid pink, red or white, giving the plant an abundant, … Continue reading Spring Approaches, Quince Flowers 海棠迎春

Cycling Taipei 60K 馳騁台北60K

Text and Image by Na’U 圖/文   「106線我之前騎過,很舒服!」「那…喬一天揪團來騎吧!就拜託你帶隊囉!」 “I’ve biked along Route 106, super cool!”  “Then … let’s fix a date for a group ride! And, you will lead us, how about it?!” 有著單車環島的紀錄、車友鄭勵淵每天騎單車上下班,也經常與熱血鐵馬愛好者一同騎乘;因此雖然來到台北工作不過一年多時間,反倒比我這個老台北更熟稔大台北的單車路線!一句簡單的起心動念,熱心的他當下答應策劃此趟的「萬隆~平溪單車60K」! Fellow cyclist Zheng Li-Yuan bikes to work every day, and regularly goes on excursions with other cycling enthusiasts. He came to Taipei for work little more than a year ago. Yet, … Continue reading Cycling Taipei 60K 馳騁台北60K

A Collector, Dives and Soars 一位收藏家的寫真

  by Michael Harrington Michelle Liao says her approach to building a successful enterprise would likely not meet approval at the average business school, but her story displays an intrepid confidence that should be the envy of any entrepreneur. 一般的商學院不會認同她作生意的訣竅,廖曉梅這麼說。可是她在創業的過程中,凡事力行而爲,信心十足,足以讓有心人士由衷欽羨。 In Philadelphia, Liao runs her Asian antique import business, the Liao Collection, out of a former envelope factory near the city’s Chinatown. The building has … Continue reading A Collector, Dives and Soars 一位收藏家的寫真

Against the Grain 逆水而行

by Kim Maialetti Dolores Poacelli has been going against the grain her entire life.  As a child growing up in a strict Italian household in West Philadelphia, she had interests beyond her tiny block, that were foreign to her family and friends. 多洛瑞斯•柏亞契麗(Dolores Poacelli) 一輩子做人處世都有逆水而行的堅決。來自西費城保守的義大利裔家庭,從小就有的志趣不限於她狹窄的生長環境,遠遠地超越了她家人親友的想像範圍。 She liked to read. She enjoyed school. And she loved art. 愛看書,愛上學,愛藝術。 “Nobody liked those things,” said Poacelli, who celebrated … Continue reading Against the Grain 逆水而行

Abundance 大豐收

  by Patricia Manley Although her garden was small – maybe 2 square meters – my grandmother could coax pounds of beans, tomatoes and squash from her upstate New York backyard.  When her brother visited her in the United States, he brought heirloom seeds from their childhood home in Lebanon.  Each harvest she would save a few of each seed to dry and plant again … Continue reading Abundance 大豐收

Seasoning with Time 慢工出細活

by Patricia Manley Many of my memories of my maternal grandmother involve cooking and food.  Over the years I have successfully re-created the tastes and aromas which help recall the happy times we had together in my youth.  One particular taste, though, eluded me for decades. 我對祖母多重的記憶,都跟烹調和食物有關。經年來,我照樣學樣煮出來的東西,還算成功,那口感和香氣足以讓我回味到童年共處的歡樂時光。可是,有一道菜的味道,我老是作不出來。 Mujaddara is a simple dish with four ingredients.  Yet no matter how I tried I couldn’t quite get … Continue reading Seasoning with Time 慢工出細活

Goryeo Celadon 高麗青瓷

by 周芬伶 Chou Fen-ling 高麗青瓷的顏色很特別,青中帶紅,被稱為「翡翠」色,高麗詩人李奎報曾讚賞高麗青瓷:「影影綽綽如青玉,玲瓏剔透如水晶」,「緻密的玉如嫩膚,觸手猶如撫玉膚」,它那特殊的顏色很容易辨識,事實上自燒成後一千餘年,一直保持同樣的顏色與花紋,其中最常見的是白鶴,是由當地的貝殼鑲嵌技術發展而成,黑色的鐵畫也很特殊。 Goryeo celadon wares from Korea have a distinct red-in-blue hue often compared to that of jadeite. Poet Yi Kyu-bo of the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392) described it as: “glimmering like jade and lucid like crystal,” and “with a texture soft as flesh, it brushes against one’s hand like delicate skin.” The celadon glaze is in a class of its own; indeed the … Continue reading Goryeo Celadon 高麗青瓷