Seasoning with Time 慢工出細活

by Patricia Manley Many of my memories of my maternal grandmother involve cooking and food.  Over the years I have successfully re-created the tastes and aromas which help recall the happy times we had together in my youth.  One particular taste, though, eluded me for decades. 我對祖母多重的記憶,都跟烹調和食物有關。經年來,我照樣學樣煮出來的東西,還算成功,那口感和香氣足以讓我回味到童年共處的歡樂時光。可是,有一道菜的味道,我老是作不出來。 Mujaddara is a simple dish with four ingredients.  Yet no matter how I tried I couldn’t quite get … Continue reading Seasoning with Time 慢工出細活

Beethoven’s “Fifth” 貝多芬五號

by Michael Caruso Yannick Nezet-Seguin and the Philadelphia Orchestra concluded their three-week celebration of Russian music with a trio of concerts in the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall Jan. 28, 30 & 31. Although two of the three scores performed were, indeed, composed by a Russian – in this case, Dmitri Shostakovich – it was the rendition given the program’s opening work that was the highpoint … Continue reading Beethoven’s “Fifth” 貝多芬五號

Haruki Murakami’s “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” 村上春樹《沒有色彩的多崎作和他的巡禮之年》

Reviewed 書評 by Michael Harrington Japan’s Haruki Murakami is one of the world’s great novelists, his work as much influenced by Raymond Carver’s burnished minimalism and Richard Brautigan’s trippy surrealism as by the incisive insights into human nature of Yasunari Kawabata or the fraught emotional and political explorations of Kenzaburō Ōe (both of his countrymen are Nobel laureates, whose ranks Murakami should join one day). … Continue reading Haruki Murakami’s “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” 村上春樹《沒有色彩的多崎作和他的巡禮之年》

Code Unknown 陌生代碼

  by 江襄陵 Jiang Xiang-ling 距目的還有三條大街。 To our destination, three blocks of a wide boulevard remained. 此時智能手機斗大的「MIT GUEST」已滿格地顯現在WIFI上,擁有全世界最強最快速的校園網路,無法低調的權威──麻省理工學院。 At an instant, my smart phone displayed a string of wifi networks named “MIT GUEST.” One of the most powerful and speediest campus wifi networks in the world belongs to the unsurpassed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 車子停在麻薩諸塞大街,少數人在路口的裝置藝術駐足,那是一個個數字、符號,環繞扭浮而成的中空人形,三層樓高環膝蹲坐。 The bus parked along Massachusetts Avenue. A few people lingered … Continue reading Code Unknown 陌生代碼

Selected from “A Sentimental Journey” 摘自《感傷之旅》

by Laurence Sterne 勞倫斯·斯特恩 In my return back through the passage, I heard the same words repeated twice over; and, looking up, I saw it was a starling hung in a little cage. – “I can’t get out, – I can’t get out,” said the starling. 往回走的路上,我聽見有個聲音重複唸著同一句話;抬頭一看,才發現那是一隻籠裡的椋鳥。「我出不去、我出不去,」椋鳥這樣說道。 I stood looking at the bird: and to every person who came through the passage it ran fluttering … Continue reading Selected from “A Sentimental Journey” 摘自《感傷之旅》

Goryeo Celadon 高麗青瓷

by 周芬伶 Chou Fen-ling 高麗青瓷的顏色很特別,青中帶紅,被稱為「翡翠」色,高麗詩人李奎報曾讚賞高麗青瓷:「影影綽綽如青玉,玲瓏剔透如水晶」,「緻密的玉如嫩膚,觸手猶如撫玉膚」,它那特殊的顏色很容易辨識,事實上自燒成後一千餘年,一直保持同樣的顏色與花紋,其中最常見的是白鶴,是由當地的貝殼鑲嵌技術發展而成,黑色的鐵畫也很特殊。 Goryeo celadon wares from Korea have a distinct red-in-blue hue often compared to that of jadeite. Poet Yi Kyu-bo of the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392) described it as: “glimmering like jade and lucid like crystal,” and “with a texture soft as flesh, it brushes against one’s hand like delicate skin.” The celadon glaze is in a class of its own; indeed the … Continue reading Goryeo Celadon 高麗青瓷

The Good in All Things 愛,就是惜

by Patricia Manley When I was young my grandmother once told me a story of her own childhood in another country during a time of war.  Food was scarce and one of her brothers worked in a hotel kitchen where he peeled potatoes, carrots and other vegetables by the bushel.  He would move the knife ever so slightly to thicken the peels which he would … Continue reading The Good in All Things 愛,就是惜

Selected from “Daniel Deronda” 摘自《丹尼爾•德隆達 》

by George Eliot 喬治•艾略特 “Would it be disagreeable to you to sing now?” said Deronda, with a more deferential gentleness than he had ever been conscious of before. “Oh, I shall like it,” said Mirah. “My voice has come back a little with rest.” 「現在唱首歌,可以嗎?」德隆達如此問,感覺到自己的口氣比平常謙和些,溫柔些。「喔,好呀,」蜜若說,「有休息,嗓子好了一點。」 Perhaps her ease of manner was due to something more than the simplicity of her nature. The circumstances of her … Continue reading Selected from “Daniel Deronda” 摘自《丹尼爾•德隆達 》

Curtis Presents 寇蒂斯閃亮登場

by Michael Caruso Higdon Concerto 希格東協奏曲 Robert Spano guest conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra in a pair of concerts Feb. 26 & 27 in the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall. Two works by Debussy bookended the program while another two by Pulitzer Prize winning local composer and Curtis Institute of Music alumna and faculty member Jennifer Higdon were heard immediately before and after intermission. All four are splendid … Continue reading Curtis Presents 寇蒂斯閃亮登場

Fishtown 漁鄉里

by Kim Maialetti Two and a half hours for pizza. Only in Fishtown are people OK with waiting two and half hours for pizza. 披薩餅,得兩個半鐘頭。也只有在漁鄕里來往的人才肯為披薩餅等上兩個半鐘頭。 It was the first nice Saturday night of Spring, and we were expecting friends from New Jersey to come celebrate our new house over pizza and a bottle of wine. 入春第一個天氣侯怡人的夜晚,我們等朋友從紐澤西州來訪,好一起喝酒,吃披薩,為我們換了新家慶祝一下。 We had moved to Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood five months … Continue reading Fishtown 漁鄉里