Selected from “Dubliners” 選自《都柏林人》

  by James Joyce 詹姆士·喬伊斯 A fat brown goose lay at one end of the table and at the other end, on a bed of creased paper strewn with sprigs of parsley, lay a great ham, stripped of its outer skin and peppered over with crust crumbs, a neat paper frill round its shin and beside this was a round of spiced beef. 桌子一端,擺了一隻金褐色的肥鵝。另一端則是一大條火腿,有發皺的紙張襯底,一枝枝的洋香菜點綴其中。去了皮的火腿,整條洋洋灑灑地裹了一層麵包屑,腳杆上還滾了一圈整齊的紙花邊。旁邊,是一大塊的香煨牛肉。 Between … Continue reading Selected from “Dubliners” 選自《都柏林人》

Street Makeover: Artists Bring Visibility to a Low-Lit Alley 街頭大改造:藝術家巧手點亮暗巷

by Alexis Stephens As cities across the country wrestle with income inequality and gentrification’s byproducts, one Philadelphia project is a good example of an all-hands-on-deck approach to revitalization. Philadelphia’s Pearl Street looks like a dingy, low-lit alleyway more than an inviting thoroughfare as it cuts through the Chinatown/Callowhill neighborhood from North 10th street to North Broad Street. However unremarkable looking it is, Pearl is exemplary … Continue reading Street Makeover: Artists Bring Visibility to a Low-Lit Alley 街頭大改造:藝術家巧手點亮暗巷

Season Opens 新樂季開鑼

by Michael Caruso I’ve been covering the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1976, so you can count how many “openings of the season” I’ve heard. Quite a large number – which is why it pains me to have to write that my first concert of the 2014-15 season, heard Saturday, September 27, in the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall, was the most disappointing I can remember in all … Continue reading Season Opens 新樂季開鑼

Selected from “To the Lighthouse” 選自《燈塔行》

by Virginia Woolf 維琴妮亞·渥爾夫 But what after all is one night? A short space, especially when the darkness dims so soon, and so soon a bird sings, a cock crows, or a faint green quickens, like a turning leaf, in the hollow of the wave. Night, however, succeeds to night. The winter holds a pack of them in store and deals them equally, evenly, with … Continue reading Selected from “To the Lighthouse” 選自《燈塔行》

Jeremy Lin’s Role 林書豪的角色定位

by Michael Harrington   In his Hollywood debut, Jeremy Lin did not exactly follow the script. But then, he never has. 林書豪在好萊塢初次登場的表現並沒照著劇本來走。不過話說回來,他也不曾按牌理出牌過。 Playing as the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers in place of the injured Steve Nash, Lin averaged 6.5 points and 3.5 assists and shot 30 percent as his new team (his fourth in five NBA seasons) was destroyed in home … Continue reading Jeremy Lin’s Role 林書豪的角色定位

Bario Neal – In the Art of Jewelry-making 巴里奧・尼爾:珠寶製作的技藝

by Kim Maialetti Page Neal keeps a box at home containing a collection of items that inspire her jewelry designs. 佩吉・尼爾(Page Neal)在家裡有個盒子,裡頭收藏了自己珠寶設計的靈感來源。 Shells. Patterns. Fabrics. Items with texture and color that serve as a launching point for designs that ultimately become the one-of-a-kind pieces that have put her and business partner Anna Bario on the map. 貝殼、圖案、織物。以擁有質感與色彩的物品為出發點來發想靈感,她與事業夥伴安娜.巴里奧(Anna Bario)打造出獨一無二的作品,在珠寶飾品界打下一片天地。 Specifically on the map at the corner … Continue reading Bario Neal – In the Art of Jewelry-making 巴里奧・尼爾:珠寶製作的技藝

On “Boyhood”《少年時代》影評

by Julia Sippel “How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr.Seuss 蘇斯博士有言,「為何時間過得這麼快?」 Richard Linklater’s movie “Boyhood” was filmed incrementally between 2002 and 2013. It follows Mason (Ellar Coltrane) from the time he is seven until he goes off to college, and what amounts to a plot are cinematic expositions of events in Mason’s life — his family moving, his mother remarrying, Mason changing … Continue reading On “Boyhood”《少年時代》影評

Dear March 心愛的三月

by Emily Elizabeth Dickinson 艾蜜莉·狄更森 Dear March – Come in – 
心愛的三月快進來 – 
 How glad I am -
 – I hoped for you before -
 早就盼著你來 – 
 Put down your Hat – 
摘下你的帽子 – 
 You must have walked -
 你必是走路來的 -
 How out of Breath you are – 
否則為何氣喘若此 -
 Dear March, how are you, and the Rest -
 心愛的三月,你可好,一切都好嗎 – … Continue reading Dear March 心愛的三月

The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia – Half of a Century of Music-making 費城室內樂團:樂音繚繞半世紀

by Michael Caruso The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia opened its 50th anniversary season Sunday, September 14, with a concert in the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater. Music director Dirk Brossé led the ensemble in the Prelude to Act III of Verdi’s opera, “La Traviata,” Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor with Curtis Institute of Music alumna Di Wu, and Beethoven’s “Pastorale” Symphony No. 6 … Continue reading The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia – Half of a Century of Music-making 費城室內樂團:樂音繚繞半世紀

Lodestones in the Mountains of Pingtung 藏在屏東山水中的水晶礦石博物館

by Fen-tzu Chou 周芬姿 Daily life is easily overtaken by trivia and minutia. Yet there are people who, inspired many years ago by a book, a person or a thing of beauty to conceive a dream, day by day and step by step work toward their dream’s realization. Such is the way that Huang Jin-long, founder of Pingtung’s Museum of Natural Crystal and Mineral, pursued … Continue reading Lodestones in the Mountains of Pingtung 藏在屏東山水中的水晶礦石博物館