The Philadelphians 風華絕代的費城人

by Michael Caruso Youth and experience met on the podium of the Philadelphia Orchestra during the early months of 2013. Yannick Nezet-Seguin, the Orchestra’s new 37-year-old music director, led the ensemble January 16, 18 & 19 in Philadelphia’s Verizon Hall and January 17 in New York’s Carnegie Hall in a program of music by Ravel, Szymanowski & Shostakovich. Then, on March 8, 9 &10, veteran … Continue reading The Philadelphians 風華絕代的費城人

I Discovered Yao Su Rong 謎一樣的姚蘇蓉

by Michael Harrington Of course, millions of Taiwanese pop fans beat me to it, but when I first heard the powerhouse singer’s early 1970s record “Don’t Be Afraid, Shan Shan” on a music blog in 2005, I felt the thrill of discovery. 姚蘇蓉在台灣早被發掘,有百萬名的粉絲會員,那是沒話說的。可是我第一次聽到這位歌后一九七零年代早期的唱片「別怕,珊珊」的時候,我有發現新大陸的痛快感。 I knew nothing else about her, only the sinuous melody (that lilting guitar! that smoky saxophone!), the assured delivery of the vocal, … Continue reading I Discovered Yao Su Rong 謎一樣的姚蘇蓉

Munro’s Dear Life 悲樂人生

by Michael Harrington Canadian writer Alice Munro is justifiably regarded as a master of the short story, an author whose control and craft give her miniatures the heft and emotional power of the novel. 加拿大作家 Alice Munro(Munro) 不愧是短篇小說的大師, 她寫作的功力深, 揮運自如,寫岀來的小小說,和一般小說一樣有份量,有震撼力。 Her skills are in abundant display in her newest collection “Dear Life” — stories taking place from the 1940s to the 1970s, in which ordinary … Continue reading Munro’s Dear Life 悲樂人生

Traveling to France Alone 法國一人行

by Chanel E. Miller 張小夏 I traveled to France alone when I was sixteen. On the airplane there was a radio station that played meditation music, so for many hours I sat with the blanket on top of my head listening to nature sounds in the peaceful darkness. I took many, many pictures of the clouds that seemed to float by and protect the plane, … Continue reading Traveling to France Alone 法國一人行