Selected from “Lord Jim” 摘自《吉姆爺》

by Joseph Conrad 約瑟夫・康拉德   Six months afterwards my friend (he was a cynical, more than middle-aged bachelor, with a reputation for eccentricity, and owned a rice-mill) wrote to me, and judging, from the warmth of my recommendation, that I would like to hear, enlarged a little upon Jim’s perfections. These were apparently of a quiet and effective sort. “Not having been able so far … Continue reading Selected from “Lord Jim” 摘自《吉姆爺》

Oslo, Norway 漫步奧斯陸

by Fennah Guan 周芬娜   2014年的夏天,我們搭著公主號郵輪(Princess Cruises)來到神往已久的奧斯陸(Oslo),挪威的首都及第一大城。上岸那天的最高氣溫是華氏六十幾度(攝氏十八度左右),我們都覺得有點清冷,要穿夾克禦寒。卻有幾個碼頭工人打著赤膊在工作,雪白的皮膚被太陽曬得紅通通的,大概是順便在享受這難得的日光浴吧? In summer of 2014, my husband and I travelled to Oslo during a Princess Cruises tour, a visit I had long dreamt about. Oslo is Norway’s capital and largest city. The day we went ashore, the high temperature was in the 60’s Fahrenheit (around 18° C). It felt unseasonably cool and we wore jackets to fend off the … Continue reading Oslo, Norway 漫步奧斯陸

Continuities 生命的韻律

by Walt Whitman 沃爾特・惠特曼     Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost, 無以流失 ,無可遺落, No birth, identity, form—no object of the world. 世間,熙攘往來的一切 — 凡求安身立命的眾生。 Nor life, nor force, nor any visible thing; 所有的生息,氣魄,所有望眼可及的景物; Appearance must not foil, nor shifted sphere confuse thy brain. 不受外表的混淆,或因星移地轉而迷惑。 Ample are time and space—ample the fields of Nature. 時空浩浩蕩蕩 — 天地亦滋生坦然。 The body, sluggish, aged, cold—the … Continue reading Continuities 生命的韻律

Month of Moderns 現代樂之月

by Michael Caruso   Donald Nally and The Crossing performed the second of three concerts in their “Month of Moderns” series Saturday evening, June 24, in the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill. Heard by an enthusiastic audience that nearly filled the church, the concert‘s program lived up to its name. Two of the three works were world premieres while the third was an American premiere. … Continue reading Month of Moderns 現代樂之月

A Nighttime Pilgrimage 天神取火神秘遊

Text and Image by Na’U 圖/文   在一片黑暗中,人手一把乾竹,在耆老和被推選的「臨時頭目」帶領下,沿著山路小徑摸黑往「水火同源」聖地取火。「水火同源」位在茶山部落3公里外的屯阿巴娜步道上,不分晝夜始終燃燒著。老村長李玉燕說,從她兒時起,這火未曾熄滅,只在八八風災後,一度淹沒水中。 In darkness we followed the village elders, led by an impromptu chieftain. Each with a bundle of bamboo cuttings, we gingerly made our way along a narrow mountain path toward a “water-and-fire spring” to fetch fire. This sacred fount is on the Tun’abana Trail about 3 kilometers from the Cha-Shan tribal village. There a fire burns continuously … Continue reading A Nighttime Pilgrimage 天神取火神秘遊

Viva Tchaikovsky! 柴可夫斯基萬歲!

by Michael Caruso   On first glance, the Pennsylvania Ballet’s 2017-18 season looks as though the local troupe is offering performances of three ballets to music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The company opens October 12 in the Academy of Music with “The Sleeping Beauty,” then performs “The Nutcracker” at Christmastime, and presents “Swan Lake” in March. They form the “Big Three” of romantic ballet masterpieces. … Continue reading Viva Tchaikovsky! 柴可夫斯基萬歲!

Capturing the Magic 瓶中的螢火蟲

Text and Image by Patricia Manley 圖/文   As young children we knew that summer had arrived officially when we could see the lightning bugs flickering at night like tiny stars that had fallen to earth. 小時候,看到螢火蟲,在夜空中忽明忽滅像墜地的小星星,就知道夏天到了。 In the colder parts of North America, intense, short summers bring forth deeply flavorful fruits and vegetables in a fleeting bounty that remains fresh in my memory and … Continue reading Capturing the Magic 瓶中的螢火蟲

Dawn, Leaving Bai-Di City 早發白帝城

by 李白 Li Po   朝辭白帝彩雲間, Leaving Bai-Di behind us amid clouds tinted by the rosy dawn, 千里江陵一日還。 A thousand leagues to Jiang-Ling –- my return was but a day’s journey. 兩岸猿聲啼不盡, Echoing off canyon walls the din of chattering monkeys filled my ears, 輕舟已過萬重山。 How nimbly the riverboat cut through the endless mountain range!     Translated by Wen Si-ding 溫思定 譯     Continue reading Dawn, Leaving Bai-Di City 早發白帝城

Spring Approaches, Quince Flowers 海棠迎春

Text and Image by Fennah Guan 周芬娜 圖/文   加州春早,我所栽植的”貼梗海棠” (common flowering quince)灌木,總在舊曆年前開花,先花後葉,非常嬌媚。粉紅或艷紅或雪白的花朵,密密麻麻貼簇生在每條花枝上,雅麗多姿,喜氣洋洋。 California spring comes early. The quince shrubs in my garden usually bloom right before the lunar New Year. First flowers, then leaves, they are a gorgeous sight. The blossoms, pert and graceful, hug each of the flowering branches in dense clusters of vivid pink, red or white, giving the plant an abundant, … Continue reading Spring Approaches, Quince Flowers 海棠迎春

The Second Coming 救主再臨

by William Butler Yeats 威廉・ 巴特勒 ・葉芝   Turning and turning in the widening gyre 臨空周旋愈行愈遠的 The falcon cannot hear the falconer; 獵鷹聽不到放鷹人的召喚; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; 景物凋零;民心潰散; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, 天下無主乃亂, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere 血染的暗潮,竄流至四面八方 The ceremony of innocence is drowned; 淹滅了赤子之心純真不再受到崇尚; The best lack all conviction, while the worst 賢者缺乏信念,小人卻 Are full … Continue reading The Second Coming 救主再臨